Purposeful Change

In a way we are all searching for our life’s purpose. Some figure it out early, others search a little longer.  It is human nature, I think, to wonder why we are here, what is our purpose, how can we contribute?  And I don’t mean a career necessarily, but a purpose, though the two sometimes are the same. But often times they are not. Or your career may intersect with your purpose.  But my main question right now is, can your purpose change?

Life is cyclical, and we may change jobs, careers, collage majors, even spouses, in a lifetime.  But what about your purpose? Does that change too, with the natural cycles our lives go through, or is our purpose static?

For a long time, I thought my purpose was to be there for my family.  I did many things to help my nephews, sister and parents. And for almost 10 years I have been helping, but now life has shifted.  That need is no longer there. I have always known that I want to be of service to others, and now I am going through the process to determine how that will take shape.  Will it include writing, or something else?

Can your purpose ever expire?  Is there such thing as an expiration date when it comes to such things? Maybe. If we believe that God puts us where we are needed most, isn’t there a possibility that the need will eventually disappear? And if it does, does that purpose disappear with it?

I think now that there is no family to take care of, it is my time to really think about what I want, what I need and how I want my life to be.  Now i get to build around me, build the life that I want and put my energy to what is important to me. Not that I did not want to take care of others, I did, and loved it. But now, it is time for me.  Is that my purpose for the time being? I don’t know.

Today I was asked what my passion project would be.  And I had to say that I wasn’t sure.  I know that I would want to help others, but I am not sure how just yet. Or if that involves writing.  I wold love to inspire others, to let them know that they can make it through the rough times. because if I can. anyone can. I would love to write my books, or write with intention. to do things that matter to others.

Maybe the key to knowing our purpose is keeping an open mind and heart in order to be receptive to where you are needed most.  I think that if we are open, the opportunities will present themselves. And so I sit still, and I listen, and I pray so that I do my best.

Life is short. Make it matter.


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