It seems, and I have read in several places, that one of the keys to knocking things off the To Do list is to divide everything up in chunks.  This makes sense but can be very hard for someone who likes to tackle things all at once, like me.

It has even been suggested that you can divide your day into 30 minute chunks.  That way, even if you only have 30 minutes in between tasks or meetings, you can still chip away at the things you need to do.

Think about how much we could accomplish if we folded clothes for 30 minutes before leaving for dinner, or worked out for 30 minutes , or the thousand things that we need to do, for just 30 minutes each day. Or even if we took care of ourselves and meditated or sat quietly for 30 minutes.

This may also be the key to not getting overwhelmed by that To Do list.  Because, let’s face it, sometimes that list can seem like the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.  For instance, I have many articles to write, need to do laundry, and the dust bunnies are waging war with the fur balls under the bed. Dusting needs to be done, mopping, organizing my closet (cleaning it out), and let’s not forget the exercise thing.

It is easy to procrastinate a lot if we don’t have an entire day to work on those major projects, like the closet, or the garage. But if we slowly chip away chunks of those tasks, in baby steps, maybe we can get them done after all.

And is’t it the same with life?  When we are trying to make major changes and shifts in our life, it requires a lot of time and work. And we may get discouraged or may not start, or feel that we are stuck – because we don’t have the large amount of time required to do it all in once, graceful swoop. But when is life ever graceful?

Change is uncomfortable and working to make change is arduous, but worth it. That is why we have to stick with it to be successful, not matter of it is mopping the floor, or changing your life situation. An honestly, what can we not endure for 30 minutes?  No matter how much you dislike something, you can make yourself do 30 minutes of it – exercise, yard work, dealing with a difficult person.  I can even tread water for 30 minutes if I have to.

And maybe if we go in 30 minute baby step chunks, we can get there faster than we think. The great thing about life is that it is never too late to start. So join me won’t you?

Life short. So are 30 minutes intervals. Make them add up to something spectacular.

Ordinary Moments make an Extraordinary Life

It seems that life is full of what would be called ordinary moments. Those moments of living, working, eating, cleaning, and doing stuff. These are the moments that comprise our days and nights, were many of our heartbeats fall. And it seems that life has become a nice run of the every day.

I have been embroiled in working, breathing, resting, writing late into the night, thinking and living.  I am looking forward to fall and the cooler weather, but for the next week at least, it is hot temperatures in the 90s, and not much rain despite the hurricane hitting the east coast.

It seems this year has been in a holding pattern, taking care of the last of the estate, selling the compound, taking care of all of it. Hopefully all of that will be coming to an end soon, and freedom won;t be too far away.

The secret is to enjoy those ordinary moments. And I am doing my best to enjoy everything about life right now.  That delicious cup of coffee, my favorite song on the radio, all the freelance and contract writing I am doing.  Talking and planning with friends. laughing, loving and even sharing in the bad news.

Somehow, I need to find the discipline to get to bed and get up earlier, workout, read more and clean a bit more. But that can start next week, and this one i s almost over. But in between all of that, when it is quiet and low, and I am snuggled in my house, with the warm blanket, cats and TV remote, there must be joy.  We must find joy in the ordinary, that is the only way to become, rebuild, re-establish life and desolation or hardship.

Because if we can find enjoyment in the simple and plain, then life will never cease to amaze us, we will never cease to be entertained and will will not ever be bored.  Because we define the sizer and depth of our lives, so why not find exquisite joy in the every day? Those big moments don’t happen often, but the small ones do. So fill like up, fill up your soul, your smile, your heart, with what is already there in front of us?  Time will pass anyway, weather we are enjoying ourselves or not, so we night as well.

And now, to cozy down, my  freshly showered body and clean sheets. I say my prayers, make my wishes and ask for my hearts desire. All my prayers have been answered, so far. Patience will bring the rest (I hope). And I will make this promise to myself, that each day I will be disciplined in the practice of joy (and exercise, and rest…and food), so that each day may be better than the last.

Life is short. Make it spectacular.