The Present of Being Present in the Present

We have heard it many times – to be present, to be present in the moment. But what does it mean exactly? How do we do it and what is the advantage?  Is the message just some new age hoopla?

No, not hoopla at all.  And to me, being present in the moment means that you are 100% mentally, physically and emotionally available in that moment. There are no distractions, no multi-tasking, no worrying about later, or thinking about the past, just enjoying what and who is in front of you. Oh, but that is so hard in this day and age isn’t it?  And in this day and age of 24 hour news, all the time social media and never taking vacation, it is even possible?

Yes, but it takes effort, especially when we are in the habit of being so scattered that the idea of focusing on what is in front of us seems foreign.  that means putting the phone down, not Facebooking and not answering text messages unless it is an emergency.

And what about the benefits? Those are the best of all. You get to enjoy every rich, wonderful moment in this life, with those whom this life gives you.  You make memories that are etched within your heart. You experience life with such a profoundly deep fashion that you truly live, not just exist. Because there is a difference. Being truly present is like applying electricity to a light bulb. It illuminates every corner and facet. You are here, now, on this planet, so you might as well be present.

You also give the gift of giving those around you your total and complete attention. You give them your complete time. You give them 100% of yourself. And don’t we all deserve that?

So give that gift not only to yourself, but to all those who are around you.  Life is short,  make is spectacular.

2 thoughts on “The Present of Being Present in the Present

  1. Excellent thoughts. You’re describing what I like to call “animal time.” It takes deliberate effort to get into the habit of remaining in the present. It is well worth it!


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