A Writer’s World

We all have those moments where the door of humor and smartass-ness is wide open. Moments that make you giggle. And when those moments happen, you have to grab onto them and embrace the humor, embrace the opportunity to be witty and have a but of fun.  As a writer, I love to have fun with language.  It gives me a special kind of happiness.

As a freelance and contract writer, I often look around job boards to see what project I might like to work on next.  I saw a job posting that looked particularly interesting. I filled out the application, and came across this question:

Q: What pronoun(s) do you associate with?

I was immediately torn.  Do I respond properly, and give them the answer for which they are looking (regardless of biology, what do I feel like I am?). Or do I take the opportunity to put my first thought down and fully embrace the opportunity to be a firt class, super witty smartass?

I stared at the question, weighing both options. A job application, give a straight answer.  But I am a writer…and how many times in a lifetime will I get an opportunity like this??  I started to sweat, the temptation to be a witty smart-ass was gaining traction.  I couldn’t breath, the room started to spin…Give a straight answer or be witty??

Finally I took a deep breath and…

and wrote the answer:

Q: What pronoun(s) do you associate with?

A: I don’t associate with Pronouns. I like Verbs though, they get things done.

I smiled with satisfaction as I hit the Next button. I probably won’t get the job, but that is OK. Sometimes you have to take the unexpected opportunities to be witty anyway.  But really, what do you expect when you ask a writer a question like that?

Life is short. Make it fun.