July Celebration

This year, this July 4th, there are many reasons to celebrate.  This is the year of freedom and happiness.  Last year at this time I celebrated in a treehouse in the middle of the woods and it was wonderful. But I was still dealing with the loss of both parents and 3 siblings, and the crazy ex still acting crazy.  So even there was a lot of emotional baggage. The year before that I was in a hospital room, praying that my mother would survive, because I had o idea just how sick she was or how long or how bad she had suffered.

They say that time heals, and it does.  And isn’t that the way it is in life?  Sometimes you have to have time and distance, you must allow yourself the space to deal with heavy issues.  Losing family members or any loved one, is one of the worst things anyone can go through.  So it is natural to need time to grieve and to figure life out in the new normal. To get perspective, to get your feet back under you, to replant your roots.

This year, life is better, clearer and so much better. I am in a much better place emotionally. Having given myself the time and space needed. After making sure that my life is a sacred space of Peace.  I have long said that which gives you peace will bring you happiness.  You cannot be happy if there is no peace. And now my life has peace.

Yes, there are still moments of anger, especially at my full sister for still causing drama, and at the crazy ex for all the drama he caused when I was at my most vulnerable. But even those are fading as I get more comfortable in my new life.

So this July 4th is all about the fireworks, all about the fun, all about the love and all about the Peace.  Can Peace be exciting and thrilling?  Absolutely.  Peace never means boring, at least not to me, because only when you have peace can you truly enjoy life to the fullest.

Happy July4th. Happy birthday to this country, the best country in the world.  Not only am I thankful for the privilege of being born here, but I am thankful for this life, those in it, and the peace I have in my heart.