How to Know You Have Arrived

There many lists out there telling us when we have arrived, or when we know we have accomplished our to do list. There are books about it.  But really, how do you know?  To b=me it is rather simple.  You know because you are in a happy and calm place.

I don’t mean what you present to the outside world, I mean what is there on the inside.  What the inner conversations you have are saying. When it is quiet and dark and still at night, and there is no place to hide…what do those moments feel like?  And in this world of bigger, faster and richer is always better, how can we quiet our inner world enough to tell?

When, in those still moments, where the heart meets the soul. you feel at peace, then you have arrived.  You have lived and accomplished what you needed to do.  And this is where I am.  I am at peace with life, at peace with all the past, and at peace with who and what I am.  And it feels good.

So I may not write as much as I usually do.  Because I am enjoying life.  Because I am laughing and loving and smiling.  And that is how you know you have arrived. That is how you know you are where you are supposed to be. because someone will always be richer, more accomplished, skinnier, or better looking than you. And that is OK.  Knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin means you are in competition with no one. And that is priceless.

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