Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Mom.  You would have been 77 today.  I cannot help but feel redundant to say that I love and miss you, because it seems that I say that every time.  But I do love and miss you every day.


And that I wish you were here.  I think you would be proud of me, at least I hope so.  I think that you would smile to see the life that I have made and rebuilt for myself.  I know you would love the people I have around me.  Most of them you already knew, though some are new.


I am taking care of you plants, your cat and everything else. I have l=had to learn to let go of certain things and certain people.  One that was too toxic to hold onto and another who I could do nothing else for. I know you would understand both.


I cannot help but think of your birthdays in the past, how we had so much fun.  I loved buying gifts for you.  I loved seeing your face when I gave you something you really liked.  I miss having coffee with you in the morning, and wine with you in the evening.  I cannot help but think of all the laughter we had and would have if you were still here.


Mom, I just miss you.  But I feel you close to me all of the time.  And I am getting through life without you.  I know that is what you would have wanted.


And here it is, your birthday gift this year:  I am OK.  I am happy.  And I will be OK.  Because you taught me how to live a strong life. Because you lead by example. Because you were the best teacher. But you don’t need to worry, you taught me well.


I do have a favor to ask.  One of my best friends is sick.  Can you please say a good word for her.  I know His Will be done, but a good word couldn’t hurt.


I Love you and miss you every day.

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