What Makes You Stop

There are times in your life that make you stop and think, that make you hit your knees. Yesterday was such a day. One of my best and longest friends was told she has cancer in her kidneys, liver and lungs. My heart broke, but it cannot be anything compared to what she and her family is going through.

And it makes me think of all that I have and all I am thankful for. All the things that we take for granted every day. And how to handle that kind of news? She has an amazing husband and family on both sides, but even with the best support system, it is difficult.

And so I will pray, every day for my friend and ask that you do too. And I will be aware and thankful everyday for all that I have and every day that my friend has too.

She is strong and has faith. She is brave as she goes forth.

Hug those you love today.