I Bought Your Mother’s Day Card Today

Hi Mom, it’s me. I bought your Mother’s Day card today. It was hard searching for the right one, but I found one that was pretty good. And I’ll write more in it before I send it off with the balloons this weekend.

I miss you so much. But I think you’d be proud at how I’m carrying on and moving forward. I found happiness again. And I’m laughing and smiling and I feel Joy again. But I miss you and Dad oh so much. I often look to the sky to see you. And I see you in the clouds, and in the lightning, and I swear I hear you in the Wind. I see you when I dream at night too. And those are my favorite nights. When I get to see you again, and I get to hear your voice sometimes too, and every now and then I get to hug you before you disappear or I wake up.

I have a job that I love now, doing creative writing for an amazing agency. And I’m trying to take care of BT, but I don’t know how good I’m doing. And I’m taking care of all of your plants, and most of them lived through the winter! I wish you were around to tell me what to do with this massive backyard. There so many flowers and things that are already here, and I’m not sure how to keep them looking good. And I want to plant more but I’m not sure where, or what.

Life seems to be going pretty good, and it’s about time honestly. I was sad for a really long time after you and dad died. But I’ve gotten to the other side of that, though I’ll never get over losing you, not truly. And I’ve heard that’s the case, that you never really get over the grief of losing your parents. And I wish you were here so I could talk to you about that. Did you ever get over the grief of losing your parents? Was it this hard for you to? Did you ever think about them and wonder they were sending signs and signals to you? And what did you find was the best way to handle the grief? All these and so many more questions I wanted to ask you.

Personal life is doing well too, and Love is a Many-Splendored Thing. I know that you would like him, especially if you saw how happy I was. You always had the knack for reading people.

There are so many things that I wish I could say to you on a daily basis. I miss our daily talks, and I missed telling you about my day. Even the little things like the fact that I have opossum in my yard. I like it because he can’t carry rabies and he eats ticks.

I miss you so much every single day. I have so much to tell you. You are you are my best friend. And I hope that you’re proud of me and how I’ve been living my life. I hope that you are proud of and appreciate how hard I’ve been trying to keep everything together. I hope that you see a lot of you and me, when you look down and see me. And I hope that you visit me in my dreams tonight too. And I hope you like your Mother’s Day card, When You See It rising up with the balloons on Mother’s Day.

Say hello to Dad, and give him a hug for me. I love you always.

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