The Human Condition of Fear

Fear is one of the most basic human emotions.  And it is part of the human condition.  But lately it is become a bad word, it is become politically incorrect to admit that you fear anything.  Because, according to the law of attraction, you bring to you that which leads your thoughts.  So if you fear something, that is what you will attract.  But I disagree to a certain point.

I agree that if you concentrate on that which you fear, it will come to you.  But, I also believe that there are certain circumstances, certain events, that make us afraid.  And that ignoring or denying that fear is to deny your very human existence.  Because we are human, and we do fear.

You must allow yourself to be human, and to face your fears.  You have to admit you are afraid and what you are afraid of if you are to work through and deal with those fears.  How can you slay them, if you deny their very existence?

I’ll go first.

One of my best friends is sick.  She and I have known each other since my early days in radio – over 20 years. She taught me everything I know about how to produce and co host a top morning show.  And now she is facing something very horrible.  She finds out maybe as early as tomorrow – but all the symptoms are there.

And she is afraid.  I am too.  I am afraid of losing one of my best friends, so early in her life.  I am afraid of what they will find, I am afraid of what it means for her husband and children.  I am afraid of feeling such a sense of loss again.  I am afraid that she will be in pain and suffer, like I saw my parents suffer.  I am afraid of going to another funeral.  I am afraid of the diagnosis and prognosis. She is my age, how can she be sick? She is too young to be sick.

She felt a little guilty saying that she was afraid too. Because after all, if you believe in the power of attraction, and the secret, and that what you think is what you manifest and what is drawn to you….then how can you admit that fear?

Because you are human.  And you have to face it to conquer it.  That is why it is so scary – when you admit you are scared, you are admitting that you are human and that you do not know the future.  You are admitting that some things may be out of your control. When you admit it , you are devoting yourself to your humanness and doing what you can to get better.

Life is hard.  And I find this hard to write because I am so afraid of my heart breaking if the worst happens.  There is a chance, but there is also a chance that the best might happen.  That a wonderful miracle could happen. But if we do not face the fear, then we cannot truly give ourselves to the possibility that the worse may not happen, should not happen.

If we are truly going to give ourselves to the possibility of the best outcome, then we must first surrender to the fear of the worst.

So I am going to see my friend. And we are going to talk, and cry and admit our fears.  We are going to face them head on. And no doubt we will be shaking to our core. And then, we will give ourselves wholly, fully, to the Mercy and Will of God, and believe with all our mighty hearts, that the best will happen.