Beauty Falling into Place

There was a beautiful Rhythm to life, if you take a moment to listen to it to find it. And if you listen close enough, you can almost hear when life clicks and things start falling into place. And when things do start falling into place it is truly such a beautiful thing. All the hard work and all the struggle and all that everything of it all, false brilliantly, wonderfully, beautifully in the place.

This is where I find myself this evening. Life and career and love and friendships and everything have fallen into place more smoothly and brilliantly than I could have ever thought possible. It’s like this beautiful puzzle of life suddenly has the last piece that fits put right in its place.

I am fully only riding creative pieces now, the water the weather is warm and I’m working out in the yard, my friends are happy and healthy, and life is truly wonderful.

And this evening was a small get-together for Cinco de Mayo. A small gathering of friends and we laughed and we ate and we talked. The evening was very casual and laid-back. There were tacos, and margaritas, and sour cheese, and laughter.

And as I sit here in bed and type, with my kitchen all messy, and dirty dishes in the sink, I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m here, making memories, making a home, and loving life. Truly this is where Beauty Falls.

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