Small Healing

Even though I’m now on the other side of grief, that doesn’t mean that the healing stops. I think the healing always continues with grief, because the grief always continues after you’ve lost a loved one such as a parent.

There can be small healings in the small perfect moments of life. The moments in Between The Raindrops and the heartbeats. The moments where you catch your breath, or smile at a memory. The moments that keep you thankful for the life you have in that moment. Those are the small healings, and they are going to have a huge effect.

Because just like anything in life it’s the small things that add up after a while. So I look forward to many small moments of healing. Moments with a smile, or a breath, or gasp. Moments, small, almost too small for the naked eye to detect, yet big enough for the heart and soul to feel. Small moments that craft the healing of life, and facilitate the strengthening of the cracks.

The places were love and light seep in from up above, to the deep inside.

That is what I seek, in the daily life I live. And isn’t that theu way it is supposed to be? As we move doreard, we gain momentum and strength. We garner a new appreciation of all that is around us, just as they would want.

And so let those little moments pour into my soul and fill me with the love that is all around, so that joy bubbles up from the bottom of my feet and spills out from the corners of my mouth.