Sitcom Moment #596: Giving a Cat Medicine

The attitude of cats is legendary. They are calm, cool,  collected and could care less.  Mine are also very affectionate, rubbing up against you to get some pets, or meowing and getting your attention to get some love in return.  But try to give them medicine and they suturn into little furry monsters.

One of my cats has a cold, brought on by a bad reaction to vaccines.  I took him to the vet and they gave me liquid antibiotics to give him.  Cats take liquid better than pills, they said. Great.  So this morning the battle began…

I knew I was going to have to outsmart him, so I mixed the liquid medicine in some milk.  He sniffed it, looked up at me and walked away.  OK, next try.  I then put the medicine in his favorite yummy soft food, that he scarfs down and doesn’t even chew.  Again, he sniffed it, looked at me (and I swear I heard a laugh) then turned and walked away.

Third and final try is to get the dropper and squirt it down his throat. But he knows what is going on.  He takes off through the house, running around furniture, food dishes, water bowls and under tables. So I am now chasing this cute fuzzy creature around the house, bent over holding the dropper full of expensive medicine, dodging things so I do not stub my toe while trying not to fell, trip or spill anything. And me softly cooing “here baby, come on baby,” doesn’t convince him at all. He stops momentarily, looks back at me, sees that I am hot on his trail and takes off again.

I finally catch him and pet him a bit to reassure us both. I then assume the position, dropper in hand. I hold him down, squirt the from the medicine from the dropper down his throat, gently hold his mouth closed until he swallows.  I then gently pet him to reassure him again, telling him what a good kitty is.  All is well and objective has been accomplished.

This normally adorable and affectionate cat stood there glaring at me, as only a cat can do, as if he was silently saying that he is indeed planning my demise as I sleep.  He then opened his mouth and spit out what I can only assume was the entire dropper of medicine – all over my clothes and face. We looked at each other for a brief moment, as he seemed to smile, very pleased at his revolt.

“You bitch,” I softly whispered to my male cat.

I then went to change clothes again before going into work.  Cat – 1, Ada – 0

I can hear you laughing…