Gearing up to Slow it Down

Many women fear getting older, and I have never understood it. To me getting older is a blessing. We are lucky to have the opportunity to grow older, as it is a luxury not afforded to everyone. There may be a few more laugh lines but those are from a well lived life. And that is the thing about life, it seems to get better the older I get. I think back to when I was younger, 18-25 maybe. And I had fun, I was happy and loved life. But it is so much better now.

When you are older you have more confidence than when you are young, even when you were confident back then like I was. Things that bothered you then don’t even make you blink now. This isn’t your first rodeo, and you know how to handle it. Everything is better, the confidence the wisdom. the job, the car, the clothes, and yes, the sex too. Your situation is situated. Life is better.

And at this point in my life, I am no longer trying to impress anyone. Love me, hate me, we all have to live our lives. I am fully settled in who I am and who I want to be.

When you are older your priorities change. For instance, I have a great career, I am a great writer and I do have things to accomplish yet still. But I am not interested in living at work. I have a wonderful comfortable home and a life to go with it. I am no longer interested in commuting several hours a day to show my boss that I am the most dedicated. Because I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. I can work from home, the beach or anywhere. But I want to work on what is meaningful to me, what inspires me and I want to inspire others as well.

And I want to play. That doesn’t mean traveling all the time, as it did when I was younger. It means relaxing with the people who mean the most. It means being happy, it means laughing at good jokes, enjoying good wine, good friends, good times and having time to exercise. I am not interested in rushing around. I have had enough of that and am burned out on it honestly.

I am interested in being the best human I can be, and trying to be better every day. I am interested in being a good aunt, a good friend, a good girlfriend and a good writer. I am interested in being a dream catcher and following my passion. Whatever I do, and whatever is in my life, I want it to be meaningful. So I am gearing up to slow down anything that is not. Life should be meaningful. And at the very least, it should be personal too, because how much more personal can we get than our own life?

Mainly I love getting older because I a blessed every day that I wake up. I have learned how fragile life is, and how precariously our hearts are balanced. We only have this one life and today is not a dress rehearsal. I have been blessed in this life and want to give back, help and inspire others. I want to create a beautiful garden and oasis, both inside and out, to be my home.

Life is better as we get older, if we know how to craft it. Slowing things down doesn’t mean slowing down in life. It means paying attention to what is truly important and having your priorities in order. It is having the courage to take calculated risks and love who you are. It means living the life you always wanted in the first place.

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