The Happy Calm


There comes a time in life where you have come to terms and made peace with yourself and your life.  A time when you have faced your demons and your fears, looked them straight in the eye and won. And when this happens there is a Peace that comes over you. It is not sudden, not an ah-ha moment.  There are no fireworks or fanfare.  It is quiet and slow and beautiful.

It dawns on you in a quiet space.  You look around and realize that you are happy.  I has this realization this week.  After all the hard work, heartache and struggle…the dust has settled, everything is calm. It is hard to describe, even for a writer.  But thoughts are clear, and motivation returns. It is like coming out of the dark or a dense, dense fog.

And you notice that laughter is deeper and felt all over the body.  And even the smallest things can have a great meaning and cause much appreciation.  And maybe that is the secret – that it is a vicious cycle.  Once you get to this place, you appreciate life more, people more, the love that is all around you more. And that causes more peace and happiness, which in turn causes more appreciation.

And there it is.

And I am in that happy calm. The acceptance of the new normal, after the decision to thrive.  Life is built in the calm. Life is the breath between heartbeats, the blink before the decision, and the time between the moments.

When you can concentrate on life, love and the pursuit of happiness in a calm setting, you can not only listen to your gut instincts, but you can also hear the voice of God. THis is because you are not distracted by extraneous minutiae and can truly take in what is meaningful. When life is chaotic it is easy to get side tracked others drama, wasting precious time and energy.

I have the life I wanted.  And I am building my dreams. One calm heartbeat at a time.

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