A Season for Every Time

There Comes a time, when we realize that the dust has settled. When we realize that the clouds have parted, and there actually is still a sun. That everything good in the world that we loved, is still there.

I have written extensively about what the past two years has been like. And now finally it seems that the dust has settled, the clouds have parted, the rain has stopped, and the sun is shining. And as I look up I see rainbows.

This has been long, hard month, March. The 1st aniversary of Dad. Still taking care of the estate matters and family issues. But now, the month is almost over. And I have made it through.

I asked a good friend who’s read everything that I’ve written so far, just what this past two years has been like from the outside looking in. Because when you’re in it, you’re just trying to survive and you really can’t see what’s around you. In other words, when you’re in the middle of the weeds you can’t see how tall they really are. So I asked him, just how tall were those weeds? And the answer back was very insightful.

There are things about the past couple of years that I really don’t remember. Things that I know that I had to have done, like arranging funerals and other such details, but I have no idea how I did it. There is no memory. And sometimes, in life, we are just trying to get through so we don’t commit things to memory. Everything comes crashing down a swirling all around so fast that the only thing we can do is pay attention to what needs to be done that day, that moment, just to keep our head above water. And so when we look back but we really don’t remember all the fine details. Because we were too busy trying not to drown.

After a tramatic time, sometimes we just need to enjoy being. We need to enjoy the Stillness that happens in the quiet night time. We need to memorize beautiful sunrises, and sunsets. We need to pay attention to all the perfect wonderful moments, because they’re still all there. And we need to take a moment, to catch our breath, before we go off running again.

And that’s where I am. I am in between and right before what comes next. It is the breath before the kiss, the Hope before the dream, the everything before it all. And I want to enjoy it, I want to soak it all up, that beautiful sunshine of life. Because I’ve missed it. And now it’s time to enjoy spring.

And that is the thing about life. We will have many seasons in our lives. We will have good time and bad in each season. There will be moments when we have to catch our breath from pure joy, another moments when we can’t breathe from sorrow. It’s all part of the same coin. So enjoy the intricate possibilities, adventures and positives for each Time that you can. Because there is a season for every Time.