When the weather changes and gets warmer, we seem to get Spring Fever.  And indeed I have it.  I want to be outside, want to sit out on the deck, I want to enjoy the warm air.  I want to walk and hike and see and be active.  TV holds no special place for me and it is hard to be still.

There is an optimism in the air as well. I feel good about life, even if I am still overwhelmed at times.  But I know life will be OK, that I am Ok.  That life, and the world, renews and blooms during this time.  We all need fresh starts. We all need to step out of the old and walk into the new.  The New Normal is not one that I would have chosen, but it is what was given to me. And you work with life hand you re dealt,

In that instance, life is what you make it. So you find a way to make life work for you. Build the life you want, because life is what you make it, and where you start doesn’t really matter.  It is where you want to be.  And I want to be happy. I want to see the sun and feel warmth on my face.  I want a full, good, fulfilled, wonderful life.

And this Spring, this time, is the start. I will take this new normal and make it mine.  I will take this new normal and make it amazing. I will build the life I have always wanted. I will pray and have faith, and work hard, and stay on course.  And with God’s guidance, I will succeed.

Yes, this is Spring. And this is the beginning.

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