Sometimes a song, some music that you hear immediately connects to a deep space within…and that is what happened with this song. It is like music that describes my soul and where I am in life and where I have been, all at the same time.
It has almost become my internal theme song. Because strength isn’t always loud. Sometimes it is soft and quiet as it comes from deep spaces within. Sometimes that strength is beautiful, melodic with a hypnotic tempo. And that is where you find your rhythm.
So my new theme song…because no matter what…I will always…shimmer…

Hi Dad, it’s Me

I found one of your cards today, one of the ones you left for me to find. Somehow, I always find them right when I need them. I guess you are just magic like that.

Your 1st year anniversary is coming up soon. I know it will be a hard day. There are so many difficult memories this month.

I didn’t know how I was going to make it after you passed. I knew I would, just didn’t know how. Or when. Those were some dark and sad days. And I was feeling mighty low.

You never get over losing your parents, but I think you would be proud of the progress I have made. It has been a long time. And so much hard work. I hope that you would be proud.

I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss you hugs. I miss eating boiled peanuts with you. And I miss you sharing your thoughts on what mattered. I miss your laugh and your one-line zingers and your quiet sense of humor.

I love you so much. Thank you for the card today.