The New Birthday

We all have days that we celebrate and look forward to each day.  One of those days for me is my birthday.  And why shouldn’t it?  Your birthday is when you get to celebrate – you.  You get to have fun while your friends and family celebrates you.  You get gifts, you get taken out to eat, you get hugs and presents and songs sung to you.  A birthday is a great and beautiful thing.

And so it is, my birthday was wonderful.  After a drive to the office, I left for the DMV, only to find that the county in which I reside offers self help kiosks.  No waiting. No lines.  You just go, type some information in, pay and you get the sticker printed out.  So easy.  Yes, I am using the words “easy” and “DMV” in the same sentence.  What a gift in itsself.

Then there were all the birthday wishes.  The calls, the messages, the texts, the emails…Oh, to be surrounded by love and well wishes it a wonderful and beautiful thing.

And keeping with the theme for the year – love, there was dinner.  One of my new favorite places, some wine, great conversation and lots os laughter and smiles.

Even though the new years was a few weeks ago, it feels like finally now my new year has started.  Finally the celebration of everything good that will last all year started on my birthday.

Sometimes you just have to celebrate in life.  And do we really need an excuse?  No, but a birthday sure does help.

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