The Eve of the 45th

Here it is the eve of my birthday.  I usually have big predictions and plans for the next year…but this year not so much.  This year I think is going to be about noticing and appreciating what is around me and being present int he moments of life.

Sometimes when you have a a challenging year, and you spend time rebuilding your world, you go back to the basics.  You do this because of the fundimental understanding of human nature. You understand that to build you must first know and see the basics.  And when you are talking about life, that means enjoying what is in front of you.  Taking the time to notice.To understand why, Let’s rewind to last year:

Dad’s facilities were failing as he became more and more unsteady and I had no idea how to stop it.  The ex had arranged a birthday brunch with people …except he did not know that I hate birthday brunches. It took all the self control I had to not drink an entire pitcher of mimosas.

Two weeks later Dad would go into Hospice.  Four weeks later the ex would leave.  Six weeks later Dad would die.

Fast forward to now…I have a life rebuilt.  There is happiness and love everywhere. And isn;t that the way life is?  When you are stripped down, then built up.  You go back to the basics, you enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like a beautiful day, or a loyal friendship.  And you let that joy seeps out of you.

I have no big declarations this year.  No big aspirations.  OK, maybe a few.  I want to travel, take better care of myself – eat better and exercise.  Mainly, I just want this next year to be happy.  So far it is off to a good start, as I enjoy the last night at this age, and celebrate a year of the next.  I am happy, though still have much to do. I celebrate my life being given back to me.

So I will raise a glass to this year. May it be better than the last, but not as good as the next. And more than anything, may there be a lot of happiness and love for me.  Those woudl be the best gifts.

Life is what you make it.  And God willing, I am going to make this one great. So let’s party.