The Love of it All

One of the hardest things for us to do is to take care of ourselves, to put ourselves first when dealing with life and the world.  Why is that?  I don’t know really.  But I do know that there can be horrible results when we don’t We get tired, get down and burned out. I know this first hand after the past two years.

A new year and I have started doing something that I have not done in a very long time  taking care of myself first.  And there result have been quite fantastic. I feel better and am much happier. To take care of yourself, you must pay attention to your moods, emotions and your body.  Evaluate how you feel every day.  Get rid of anything, anyone or any situation that doesn’t make you feel fabulous.

I wasn’t able to do this until now, because life circumstances predicated a different path at that time.  And sometimes that is just how life is, so you have to take advantage while you can.  And taking care of yourself now will help make those messy and hard times in life bearable.

I am taking more time to write, especially in my hand written journal. It feels good to actually put pen to paper and write about such private and sacred things close to me. There is exercise (finally!) and taking time to read. There is also time to rest, which often gets overlooked.  But it is so important to rest the body, spirit and mind.

Lately things have been quiet, as the start of the year takes off.  Quiet, but busy.  Three new contracts, including my first contract in the UK.There is a rip out of the country, the first in a few years.  There was one trip to the beach before the new year, and it is time for more. There is getting used to the Macbook Pro, and all the differences it has with my PC. There is time re-connecting and building with friends. And there is building the happy life that I want.

But it is even more than that.  It is building relationships on a deeper level, which translates into building a life on a deeper level.  Relationships of all kinds; friendships, co-workers, and most definitely, love. Whom you choose to have as a partner is extremely important.  The relationship can be a source of life and love, or it can drain you of all your energy.

My relationship with my ex lacked depth, he lacked depth. Which is why he fled real life to build fantasies with hookers and strippers.   The ex still reads my blog daily. (I wonder what you a looking to find. Details of my love life, perhaps?  None, except what you have heard is true and he is bigger and better than you). The relationship will not be good when you date someone with whom you are not equally yoked. So someone to plan and build life with, and that we match on depth and breadth of the soul.

Happiness is choice, a decision that you make every morning.  Not hat life is perfect, or ever will be.  But, it will be a lot better if I enjoy the ride, or most of it any way. So as I type in bed, with kitties snuggling with me, I am thankful fo this life and the love of it all. And I will turn out the light, and snuggle down into a warm bed with a warm heavy blanket and drift off to sleep with a happy heart.


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