This dark and sleepy time perched on the edge of endings and beginnings, I love the deep feel of it. Somewhat sleepy, introspective, books and candles and quiet puttering. Leftover meals and little celebrations.

What will we let go of? What will we welcome? As the past year slips away and the new one unfolds. I am counting my blessings. – Ada

This is one of my favorite times of year.  This week after Christmas and before the new year.  It is the dark and sleepy time, it is chilly, every one is getting home and settled in after the holiday, and figuring out what they want for the new year.

For me it is a quiet time, a time where I mentally and emotionally prepare to let go and welcome in. I have written extensively on how difficult the past 18 months have been. There have been many hurdles.  But it has all ended up fine. I have ended up just fine.

And now we are at the edge of a new year. This year has been rebuilding myself and my life, getting to a place where I am whole and joyous again. I am ready to let go of all of it, all of everything that has been difficult and ready to grab ahold of everything good.  There will still be hard work, but everything is lining up for this next year to be one of the best.

A little while ago I was asked what “code” I live by.  That got me thinking, I really don’t think that it falls under a specific title.  I live by the code of my conscience.  There are basic rules, per say, but to me at least, they are pretty basic.  Pray, do the best you can every day, be honest and be kind. Do the right thing even when it isn’t easy, because life isn’t supposed to always be easy.

And that is what you have to do in life, is stick to your guns and know that it will all work out.  That may be hard when you are knee deep in it.  Many loose hope and faith.  That is a dark place to be.  You just have to keep believing.

Throughout everything, I have kept to my code of honor, kept true to myself and my beliefs.  And that is a very comfortable pillow.  No doubt this code, taught to me by my wonderful parents, will continue to serve me well in the future

Every level of your life will demand a very different version of you.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason.  While I do not know the reason for all that has transpired, nor do I understand how it will prepare me for the coming years, I do have faith.  I have faith that these events have made me stronger, better, finer and more compassionate.

I look forward to seeing how the lessons of the past years will serve me in the years to come.  I look forward to building a wonderful life. I look forward to enjoying the rest of this week, the quiet time and the introspection before life opens wide at full speed.  I look forward to it all.