Life Interupted

There is relief with Christmas being over, which is something I never thought I would say.  This is my favorite time of year…and yet I feel physical relief now that it is the day after even.  I think it that before Christmas, I had a rhythm go\ing.  I had found my way through grief.  And then the holidays come and interrupt that rhythm.  Suddenly all these emotional triggers are everywhere.  From last Christmas to the holidays of my childhood.

But isn’t that just how life goes?  We get our groove back and then something comes along that might throw us off balance.  And life is about balance.  It is about getting back up on the dance floor, so to speak.  We are all doing our best to find our way.  And life has some interesting paths. The important thing, at least to me, is to make sure that you go down these paths with honor and integrity. And that you learn from the paths you have taken. If you can master those two things, then you are ahead of most.

So I am eager to get my balance back, to be in the rhythm that I had found before.  I am eager to return to building this life. I am eager to discover more paths and see where they go.  There is a long list I have for this next year.

In short I am ready live. So let’s party.

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