I Could be a Morning Person, Maybe

There are times in life when I really wish that I was a morning person.  Usually it is after I have slept late and am realizing that the things I need to get done may not fit in before the 5pm deadline. It just feels so good to sleep late, stay in a nice warm bed and escape from civilization fir a few more hours. And studies have shown that night owls are typically more intelligent and creative than the early risers (at least the reports I have read anyway…).  Studies have also shown that the early risers are more productive.

What if I could have both?  The struggle of the night owl to fit in the 9-5 world is nothing new for us late-nighters.  But I do so much enjoy the morning, even the early morning, when I set the alarm to the sun.  There is something magic about rising and hearing the birds, seeing wildlife and having coffee in the morning.  Birds, deer, even owls can be seen and heard.  And coffee tastes better in the early morning. Or  maybe the taste is relative to the hour and the amount of sleep one has had the night before.

In life we must know our limitations.  But I also do believe in being the best person you can be, and always knowing that there will be room for improvement.  None of us are perfect.  But if we are the best person we can be. then that will be close enough to perfect for most. I have goals and dreams.  In a perfect world I could get up at the crack of dawn, eat chocolate all day, have the perfect size 2 figure and stay up all night as well. We do not live in that world, or at least I don’t.  So I must work to improve myself the old fashioned way – will power, determination and trial and error.

So I promise not to abuse my little alarm clock.

And if you have someone with which to spend those morning hours, then it is all the better.  Whether snuggling, talking over coffee, hiking or planning for the day, or all of the above, enjoying that time with another is heavenly.  Even if I don’t get into work until the same time, getting that extra done before hand can be valuable.  And if is noce to start the day relaxed instead of rushed.

Getting up earlier sounds easy enough, but then I would have to go to bed earlier, and that is truly the hardest thing about the whole early morning arrangement. I love staying up late to write and have “me time”. Those hours are magic and sacred.

So what is the solution? As always I think it is about balance.  Maybe I don’t need to to stay up until 2-3am.  Maybe if I go to bed between 11pm-12am, then I could enjoy more of the morning, especially when other activities can be planned before work.

So yes, I could be a morning person.  Or maybe a morning-ish person. Just please pass the coffee.