I wrote this seven years ago. It is very applicable today as well.  With this year ending and another beginning, with getting over the worst two years of my entire life, I am ready to get back to everything again.  I am ready to build my dreams and to build my life, my dreams.

Failure if Not an Option

In this life, day and age, it seems that somethings are just certain.  Life, death, taxes, a broken heart (or two), laughter, tears, good music, bad days, hot coffee, warm tea are just a few of the things that we are certain to experience in life.  And yes, even failure.  But lately it seems that I have made a decision…that when it comes to my goals and dreams, failure is not an option.  That my dreams will be made into reality, and there is no other option.


How can this be, especially now, in “this” economy?  You have to decide that you have a steelframe inside you, you have to decide that where you are now doesn’t matter, it is where you want to be that is important.  And it may take a while, and it will certainly take a lot of hard work, but you just decide that none of that matters.  Only your goal, your dream.  And then you get mad, get stubborn and reach way down deep inside you, and pull up that steel determination, that unbreakable Will and make it happen.


Don’t worry about the hard work, don’t worry about the long hours, sleepless nights, blood sweat and tears…you simply decide that failure is not an option, put your goggles on, your head down and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Because you can beat the odds…after all someone has to, why not you?  You just decide that it will be so, and you have a sick work ethic, and ridiculous determination, incredible perseverance.  Every. Day. because that is what it takes.


This year, I will have a great writing career, I will meet my financial goals, I will enjoy a great vacation (notice I did not say I will learn to spell…you do have to know your limits!).  Failure is not an option.




I am determined.

Sweat on my brow.

Heart in my Throat.

I am at the starting line.


The sound of my heart

Pounds in my head.

Cheers ring in my ears.

They say I can’t.

But I won’t let them win.


I will defy all expectations.

All definitions.

All Doubt.

All Rules.


The naysayers will walk away.

Head Down.

My Will silencing them.


They don’t know the steel frame inside me.

I am determined.

My will pushing me to succeed

Down the hard



Road ahead. Ada 5/00

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