The Joy of the Light

There’s a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen

When you have had the wind knocked out of your sails and the most difficult things in life happen, and you make it through the other side, it is truly magnificent.  It is as if the air is fresh and new and the world is again a magic place.  Life comes from a deeper and more meaningful place.  When you laugh, it is deeper and much more meaningful.

Not to say that everything is perfect, but you do see the world differently. Getting through to the other side rearranges your priorities.  My priority now is happiness and joy.  But life, as always, is a process.  And you must be dedicated to that process, everyday doing and being what will bring that which you most want, to you.

When you go forward in this manner the things you once took for granted you don’t anymore.  And things that once bothered you, suddenly don’t. You find joy in the everyday. I thought I enjoyed the sunset or sunrise, but they are nothing like what I see and appreciate now.

And there are so many of those wonderful perfect moments to enjoy in life. Everything from the perfect height but the perfect person, to hearing your favorite song on the radio, to enjoying a good movie. I’m finding joy in small things such as painting my fingernails, fixing my hair and even doing sit-ups and push-ups. I’m taking care of myself better , not only taking time to exercise but also taking time to relax and restore my soul. There’s even more joy and cooking for friends, having company over, sharing wine and stories and especially doing small things That Make this House a Home.

To find the joy in the everyday, the mundane, is the key to finding the magic in life.  It is the key to always being curious.  And when the light comes in through the cracks, you can see all the brilliance the sun reveals.

As this year wraps up, a new year and a new chapte start. As there is an end, there must also be a beginning. And I see the cracks and bent parts in the steel frame inside of me and I think of that quote.  I know that my soul has been split wide open from the past year, letting all the light and love flood into the empty spaces that remain. I feel like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption when Andy is finally out of the prison and feels the rain on his skin and face for the first time in years. And I love it.

Even when you are not quite sure what you are doing, you can still follow what brings you joy and happiness, and maybe that is the key.  Maybe you don’t have to know what you are doing, maybe you don’t have to have everything all planned out, maybe if you just follow the joy and the bliss.

So let the light and love come in. Let them wash over me, in me and through me.  Joy and happiness have never been closer.


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