Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is always good to have dreams and goals. it is always good to strive, every day, to be better than you were the before.  Because life is always about the journey, and we must never stop being curious.

But in all the searching, goal setting and striving, we must also not forget to be satisfied. We must not forget to be present and enjoy where we are currently.

I wrote about being sick of the city and the rat race, and I am. However, I still love the house I just moved into and will be happy here, until the tie is right to move again, whenever that might be.  I love making this new house a home.  I love having people over to help make memories.  Where ever I go,I want my home to be filled with love and friends and laughter and good times.  I want people to walk into my home and feel welcome. Because they are.

But you cannot make others feel welcome if you are constantly fixated on the future, or what you do not have.  And if you focus on everything that you don;t have, you will never be present and never will you be satisfied.

In that sense, satisfaction is a decision.  Yes we have all seen the memes about happy people don’t have everything they want, nut the do want and appreciate every thing that they have.  And even Einstein talked about being quietly satisfied leads to much more happiness than constant restlessness and always looking for better.

And I like my little life.  While I do strive to be better, I stop and notice and am present in where I am now.  And you must do that in order to be happy.  Being happy in the present in the reward for all the hard work done in the past.  If you do not take the time to enjoy what you have now then all that work was in vain. That is the thing about life, eventually it all evens out, but you must have the attitude for it first.  You must decide to be present to fully enjoy where you are at any given moment.

I like my job, love my career, I am even satisfied with my personal life.  I say that because you have to have a sense of yourself, of liking who you are and where you are if you are going to be good for anyone else. I took time to heal after all the loss, because I wanted to be a whole person when I offered to date again and give my heart away. This took time, and again being very present in the moment.

So maybe the secret to satisfaction is just being present, while still having goals and striving to be better every day. Maybe it is soaking up every little drop and moment life has to offer, like a sponge.  Live passionately by choosing to love your life now.  Even if there are things to change, or work that needs to be done..  That is OK, that does not mean we cannot enjoy what is now.

And this is where I am.  In this little home in East Cobb, with my little life, working my job and my career, making a home that is warm and welcoming and building love.  Where ever that leads.  I am happy and satisfied. Is life perfect? Not by a long shot. Do I still have a lot for work to do?  Absolutely.  But that is what life is all about. And I am in. All the way.

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