The Storm

It’s been hard to avoid the news about hurricane Irma. Indeed it landed and today came through Atlanta. Many people were dreading the storm, but I was looking forward to it.

Storms remind me of my father. We would sit out and watch the storms roll in, and watch the lightning, and the intensity as this skies grew dark. He’s the one that taught me all about storms and how to smell them in the air, and listen to them in the wind. I don’t think there’s too many things more beautiful than watching a storm in the sky.

I made sure that all the appropriate safety measures have been taken. The small plants have been secured and the patio furniture brought in. So then it was just time to relax and enjoy.

I spent my time relaxing reading, watching some TV, and enjoying some down time. And then the power went off about 5 p.m. I have a confession: I love power outages. Because then you’re really forced to take it down to the most simple of things. There’ no technology, no TV, no distractions. There is quiet, or the sounds of the storm outside. And there is not much cozier than being inside during a good hard storm.

So I did some work, reading and writing, by the window in the sunlight before it got dark. And when it got dark, the candles came out and the lantern and the batteries for the radio to be on low just in case another weather report came through. 

And I cooked a wonderful meal on the gas stove during the heavy wind and rain. Delicious chicken fettuccine alfredo. And I cooked in the silence of the house, and the sounds of the storm and rain hitting the window. And it was beautiful. And then I sat comfortably at my coffee table so I could write while eating, and enjoyed my delicious meal.

And since then I’ve been enjoying the quiet time in the Darkness, listening to the wind and the rain against the windowpanes. Petting my cats, reading my books, and doing more writing. 

When we are forced to slow down and pay attention to the small things, that’s when we see the everyday Beauty. That is awesome when we can hear our own thoughts, our own minds. But in order to do that we have to be at peace with things ourselves, and that’s why I think some people don’t like the silence  because they can hear their demons.  But I doubt with mine a long time ago  and so now there is only peace. 

And the storm also makes me think of my father and how he would love a storm like this. And I miss him very much. And I will love him always.

The only thing that could have made this night more perfect, was to snuggle up next to my man. To feel his strong arms around me, as I lay my head on his chest, and hear the Rhythm in his breath.

So don’t run away from the storms in life, those storms can wash away the ugly memories, the pain, the hurt. Those storms are a beautiful reminder that every bad time is temporary, and that there is always a new beginning.. 

When the storm is over, the clouds break and the sky is blue again. And you are left with clean. 

So sit back, take a deep breath, light a candle, and enjoy the storm. It can be one of life’s most beautiful gifts.

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