Falling into place

There are times in life when we have worked really hard and then all of the sudden it’s almost like a switch gets flipped, and everything just starts falling into place. This is where I find myself now. The past 18 months have been a test to every part of me, and every part of my life. But finally, everything is falling into place.

My success is by choice, not by chance, and not my luck. While I have been incredibly blessed and for that I am very grateful, I’ve also worked my butt off to get through an accomplished everything that I have. And now in the beginning of fall when there is so much activity around me, there is also calm.

Every night I pray, and meditate, and take time to reflect on what I want for the next day and what I’ve done in the past day. But more than anything I pray and I give thanks for everything that I’ve been given. Because right now in this moment, I have everything for which I have prayed. There is only one thing in my life that has not come to fruition, and I should know about that soon. Everything else God has given me out of his Grace.

And now in the face of new possibilities, a new house, and the new memories, and new love, and a new life…I am excited if not slightly overwhelmed.  This is it, what my life is supposed to be: work hard, play hard, love hard, believe hard, pray hard and live easy.

There has bee a lot of blood sweat and tears to get here.  I have traveled thousands of miles by foot, by car, by plane and by every heartbeat. I have been down on  my knees praying and crying, and I have been so overwhelmed that I could not get up. In the first weeks of my parents death, I needed help to just be a functional human. How in the world did I do it?  How did I survive, much less function, much less thrive?  It could only have been only God’s Grace.

And here I am now, back in the land of the living, doing better than before.  My parents would be proud of me I think. After all they are the ones who instilled in me the power of faith and prayer, the belief and knowing that while it may be hard, you will get through it.  And they are the ones who whisper to me in my dreams that life can be all that I imaged.  They loved me enough for a lifetime.

And now, as I watch it fall into place I know That this is my time to be happy.