My Blissful Heart

There are times in life that you realize that you are happy, or even more than that, blissful.  This is where I find myself today, on my father’s birthday. For as long as I can remember Labor Day weekend was when the family would get together and celebrate Dad.  He would drink beer, and I wold always give him socks -it was a tradition since high school.

Now that he is gone, we are forced to figure out what to do.  When a family  member passes away, those same holidays, anniversaries, birthday s and such still come and go,and we must find a new way to mark those days. Since I could not spend the day with my Dad, I did the next best thing and spent it with family and friend that I dearly love.

My sister arrived for dinner Friday. It was fun to cook and talk and drink wine. Shortly after we finished eating, one of my dearest friends arrived with is children.  I love children, they bring life to everything. Soon everyone was eating and as they ate there was a happy hum in the home.

I am the happiest when I am loving and serving others.  I  love having a house full family, friends and those who are the closest to me.  I love having children around. I love cooking for my loved ones and I love having enough beds, sheets, pillows and towels so that my friends have what they need.  And I love when they feel happy, comfortable and welcome.

Growing up our house was always the one that  everyone came to for a visit or of they needed a place to stay.  I guess I have inherited that from my mother, because she taught me how and I have made good use of those lessons.  Many have said that it didn’t matter what  time of day or night you came by our house growing up,  mom would have plenty of food and plenty of coffee.  She also always had a quiet place for those who needed. And so it continues.

And As I was cooking and even cleaning after the mess of cooking, eating, drinking, laughing and making memories, I was so happy I could have popped. I want love to be so present in my life that it is tangible. And today  believe with all of my hart that it was. I also want what ever I do to be live giving, meaning that I want my actions, especially to those I live, to do more than sustain. I want to inspire, grow, teach and be the catalyst for the good things multiplying.

Because when you come to table with that authentic desire, God and the universe respond. People are drawn to it, to those whose have that enthusiasm. And it can;t be faked ether, people will sense it.  Because of that, what ever you bring to the table, regardless of ow meager, it will multiply

That is what this weekend is about for me now.  Giving life to those I love.  Cooking, cleaning,making sure there are clean sheets on the bed and that everyone feels welcome, that is how I show it.

What better way to honor my father than to give life to those around me, and send them off with smiles and great memories.