The Meaning of September

It is the start of Fall.  The breaking  and leaving behind of all that has held me back.  It is honoring my father on his birthday and taking a deep breath to let go.

It is this weekend with my best friends and trusted souls.  It is flying a plane(!), eating new food, reconnecting with friends that I have not seen since life was so noisy. It is trips and planning and finally moving it an amazing house with a new start and no old memories.

Yes September is everything I love wrapped around me, keeping me warm for the winter months to come.  It is all that I have hoped and dreamed. It menas making htis life my own.

A new house, a new job, a new pace, a new live…

September means secrets and whispers and smiles and knowing.  It means slow sunsets and high hopes. September is building  my life for me, finally being free of the Ex, and all his darkness and cruelty. It is the sun shining in through cracks to brighten up every possible dark space.

September means…Love. September means…Life.

My heart and my arms are wide open.  I am ready.