Fall Fantasies

There is a time when you can feel the air change, and you know it is the change of seasons.  You can feel it, sense it, and taste it.  This is where I am not, figuratively and literally. The air is much cooler over the last few days and the freshness tastes delicious.  It is the flavor of all the new possibilities coming down the line.

The summer has been long and arduous.  But much growth has happened, which has taken me out of for the change that we need in life. But isn’t that the case in life?  Being outside of our comfort zone is often the precipice for change.  Whether we are placed there by circumstances outside of our control, or we walk outside on your own, everything we want is on the other side of fear.

And I am tired of the discomfort that has been present this summer.  It has been hard, and now that the air is cooler I know that change is coming. I have grown out of my skin so it is time to shed my old self and make a new life. I know that it is time to let go and breathe easy.  It is time to explore and see the world around me with new eyes. I have no one but myself, so I will make this the life that I want and have always dreamed.

And this is exciting.  I am free, I have a wonderful support system and love is everywhere around me. It is time for the move; it is time to make more memories, go to festivals, drink cider, pick apples, enjoy the changing of the leaves and the cool weather.  It is time to not be weighed down by the past and those in it.

It is time for…fun.  It is time for fall. Which for me is this magical, wonderful time after the activities of the summer and before the rush of the winter.  And make no mistake, it is fully my intention to enjoy every moment, every second, every bit of laughter and fun and sunshine and rain and day and night.

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