The Dinner

Facebook memories, they have a way of getting to us. Making us remember things, places and people that maybe we had forgotten.  Sometimes they bring a smile, or a laugh, or even a tear.   Yesterday, this Picture showed up in my memories and the worked stopped  It was bittersweet to see.


A family dinner back in 2013.  My sister and nephew we living with me, and Mom and Dad came up for a visit.  Actually, Dad came up for a chemo treatment.  But I remember this dinner in particular because it was so wonderful and filled with love.

It was before both Mom and Dad were so sick.  And I lived in this little town home not far from where I live now. It was small and not fancy, 3 bedrooms, all of which were neng used.  When Mom and Dad stayed, my sister and I would share my room, then my nephew stayed in his own room and Dad would sleep in my sister’s room.  Mom would sleep on the couch where it would bother her back the least.  It was crowded, but so full of love.

And I was blissful when they were all there.  My hone, my little humble place was the epicenter of family and love.  I cannot even express how happy I was at this dinner where my sister made her delicious home made chicken fettuccine Alfredo. There was laughter and jokes and smiles and more love than I thought possible.

Dad had to eat salad though, as he had been having health issues aside from the cancer, and we thought he had to be on a vegan diet.  Dad was a meat and potatoes kind of man and very used to southern cooking.  During this time we made all kinds of strange things to hep him adjust.  I bought vegan recipe books and we made him fried mushroom burgers, tofu rice, quinoa and  lots of fruits and veggies. Thank goodness he did not need to stay on that diet.

After dinner, when Mom said she ate too much, my nephew smiled ad said just fart and make room for more.” We all laughed. We would all stay up late and talk and wonder and just love each other.  Dad would go to bed early and remind us to “keep it down to a dull roar.”

How I miss those days.

And that is what this picture, this memory means to me. A time when we were all together, eating and enjoying each other;s company, knowing we were family.  Knowing we were loved and that we would always have each other. The memory of that dinner is one I hold every so dear.

And that is the things about life, it is bittersweet, magic, sad, beautiful, tragic, wonderful and sad all mixed into one.  So hold onto those good memories and color your life with them, so that the bitter may be sweeter and the heart will never forget.


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