Repost: The Princess and the Pee Cup

We all have those embarrassing moments in out life. We all have moments that are so surreal that we think this really cannot be happening in real life.  We all have moments where we think it would be hysterical to see on TV, in a sitcom…

I Went to get my pre-employment drug test for the AT&T contract today. Not a big deal.  I took the little cup to the restroom and as I brought it out to give it to the nurse, the lid on it slipped and the contents of the cup spilled on the floor. I thought the nurse had it. She thought I had it.

And we both stood there for the longest moment in history, staring at the floor with looks of horror on our faces, neither one of us knowing what to do or say next.  There is not way to recover from that, really.

happened to look up and saw one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen standing waiting to sign in.  He had a look of horror on his face too.

Proof once again that my life is completely together…until a (good looking) man steps in.  If it was a little old lady standing there the lid wold not have slipped at all.


I REALLY just wanted to crawl under something big and heavy.

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