Total Eclipse of the Change

Many times in life we are ready for a change.  They say that when you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.  But what if you know the destination, but not sure of the path? That can present some different problems.  But in my experience, if you have faith, work hard and do the best you can, you usually get where you need to be. That is because the ripples of intention are far reaching.

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a GPS, or at least a compass? Unfortunately it doesn’t, so we just have to accept that as humans, we are going to get lost sometimes, end up on the wrong path, not recognize the way home or even meet up with some scary people.  But we may also find amazing paths, incredible sights and have amazing adventures with wonderful people.  I have been told that I am too optimistic, but I am OK with that. Half the fun is the journey anyway.

Mercury has been in retrograde since mid-August, which is a time when communications, electronics, travel and relationships become bogged down and messy.  I definitely do not need any more mess sin my life – as my house cleaners can attest. Throw the eclipse in the mix and you have a hot astrological mess.

But all hope is not lost.  Astrologers everywhere say that this can be a very productive time –  Between the two celestial happenings, this is a great time to embrace change, because it is coming.  It is a great time to get those ducks in a row and get ready.

First this is a good time for self-reflection. Pay e=attention to anything that is holding you back or doesn’t feel right.  Think about what you want in life and align yourself with those goals.  Mercury in Retrograde is a great time to bring things to a close, so think about what you need to let go of that are not serving you.  When we use our time and energy on what does not serve us or what is no longer good for yes, that is energy wasted that could be used for better things that bring us closer to our goals.

It is also a great for self-care and deep reflection.  According to astronomers, this is a time when we are more in tune with our deeper rhythms. When we listen to that little voice inside us it allows us to move forward authentically, and set intentions that are true to what we really want.  This is also a time that gives us the courage to follow through, even if the tasks are hard. This is when we want to tie up loose ends, so that there can be a clean beginning

But be patient, these realizations may not come immediately. And once they do it may take a little bit of time to implements and come to fruition. More than anything, be patient with yourself and give yourself as much compassion as you would give others. 

This Mercury in Retrograde I am using a reset button,  To relax, take stock and know when,  how and in what direction to move forward.  I have love, laughter and faith in my corner, and they won’t let me down.  

Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking. J.C. Watts

Repost: The Princess and the Pee Cup

We all have those embarrassing moments in out life. We all have moments that are so surreal that we think this really cannot be happening in real life.  We all have moments where we think it would be hysterical to see on TV, in a sitcom…

I Went to get my pre-employment drug test for the AT&T contract today. Not a big deal.  I took the little cup to the restroom and as I brought it out to give it to the nurse, the lid on it slipped and the contents of the cup spilled on the floor. I thought the nurse had it. She thought I had it.

And we both stood there for the longest moment in history, staring at the floor with looks of horror on our faces, neither one of us knowing what to do or say next.  There is not way to recover from that, really.

happened to look up and saw one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen standing waiting to sign in.  He had a look of horror on his face too.

Proof once again that my life is completely together…until a (good looking) man steps in.  If it was a little old lady standing there the lid wold not have slipped at all.


I REALLY just wanted to crawl under something big and heavy.

Repost: Love and the Human Condition

I wrote this 7 years ago ( can it me that long ago??). And I certainly have found this to be the case, which is sad.  Why work hard and stick with someone, when you can find Someone better around the corner?  Because you will never find anything more than the superficial if you don’t.

But in this day and age of Kardashians, fake lashes and bigger is better, skinnier is best, is there hope for real true love that goes beyond what is convenient and looks good?  Yes. And I have been lucky enough to have my life full of those who believe in the treasures that are below the surface. I ma blessed to have loyal friends and man. And those are the people who will experience true joy in their lives.

Because only those who are still, those who stop jumping to the next best thing, will have anything deep enough in their lives which will give them joy.

“In the Human Condition, Love is the wonderful problem we can never solve.”

No matter how young or old we are, we always look for it. We want it, crave it, must have it. It is love. And no matter how many difficult relationships or bad dates we have, we always are willing to go back and try for it one more time. Why is this? Love is what makes us cry, makes us hurt, makes us lonely and makes us miserable. It is human nature to want to love and be loved. It is part of the human condition.


You can see this in all the romantic movies, dating websites (like the 4 I am on) and relationship books. Love is a multi-million dollar business. But just what are we buying with our membership to these movies/sites/books? Movies is what we all hope for – the happy ending. Books, how to get the happy ending and the dating websites, with whom to have the happy ending.


But I also wonder, with modern technology, have we lost something in the translation? To me, love is not just about those perfect moments you have with someone, but finding someone to have those moments with for life. Modern technology shrinking the world has made it much easier to move onto the next if there is anything we do not like about the person next to us.


I too have found myself with the same attitude: It really doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out – there are literally thousands like him on my dating websites…so who cares? Maybe we should care. Would all those married couples who have been together for30+ years still be together if they could access Facebook,, and Friend finder just by a touch of their mobile phone?


At some point we must realize that no one is perfect, and no matter how wonderful someone is, we will not love – or even like – everything about them. What I wonder is, is in this day and age is there really hope for long lasting relationships when there is always someone better around the corner? In the old days people stuck together because the world was a lot bigger. Now it is smaller than ever and shrinking by the day. Now we have so many choices, we really don’t have to stick with someone or work things out to have a relationship…we can just jump to the next one….and the next one…and the next….


I hope to stop jumping. I want to be still. So I will be calm and let them sit in my silence, bright as a lamp, simple as a ring. It is part of the human condition to want love…and then when we find it we have to learn how to keep it. This is why in the human condition love is the wonderful problem we can never solve. But oh, what fun we can have trying!