Healing Forward

I have written a lot about moving forward after the past two years.  And there are hundred of books on the topic of healing and moving forward.  But I find that many times the two work hand in hand.  I call it healing forward for this reason.

And there is much forward movement.  An invitation to spend Labor Day weekend, which is my Father’s birthday, with dear friends, helping them attain their goals and well as celebrating as well.  In return they will make sure my father’s 81 birthday will be a good one. My cousins invitation for Thanksgiving.  The plans for Christmas and New years Eve.  And all of my friends embracing me telling me the same things – there is so much love and your friends can be your family.

There is healing in love, both in giving and receiving it – if you choose to see it that way.  And that more than anything is what I take from all of the past two years.  And when I look back, it has been hard, but there has also been many people h=who have prayed for me, cheered me on and encouraged me. It takes a village, not just for children, but for healthy adults as well  No man is an island.

You cannot control other’s or their demons or their baggage.  If you could, then my ex would not be so damaged by his ex that he hates women, and my siblings would not be so damaged that they cannot see love that is in front of them. And a thousand other things about a thousand other people.

I am surrounded by love. When I have a bad day where I am missing my parents, or other friend I have lost, the people who love me are there.

Healing forward also means taking care of yourself. Exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep – all of which I try to do but am not always good at.  Healing forward means appreciating the perfect moments and small victories. It means enjoying where you are and being present.  It means helping others and being kind.

Sometimes it means walking away too, as I have also written about.  It is called Healthy Detachment.   That is when you love yourself enough to walk away from anything person or situation that no longer serves you.  You detach from those who are not loving, or kind or positive.  You walk away from anything or anyone to takes you further away from God and his service or calling for you.

And for me, it means taking that goal board to heart. Working on the way I want my life to be, building the life I want one brick, one heartbeat at a time. And having time for wine and good times with friends. That is a life where love is so present that it is tangible.

And watch the doors fly open, watch this life, Become.

So raise your glass to healing forward.  May we all go by leaps and bounds.