Letting Go

We all have times in our lives when we have to let go.  Let go of people, or jobs, or dreams, or plans, or relationships.  For me I am letting go of anything that does not bring joy and goodness and love into my life.  I goes along with my mission statement on my goal board: To have a life where love is so present that it is tangible.

I have had enough of those who are dishonest, ingeniousness or outright duplicitous. I am too old, been through too much and I have done too much for others to allow my energy to be taken by those who no longer serve a joyful purpose.  Sometimes in life we must love ourselves enough to cut the chord.

And already I feel lighter and happier,  already there is a lighter feel to the air.

The trick do letting go is determining who is sincere and who is not.  That can be difficult in this day and age of charm and charisma.  And this is where I have trouble.  Because I want to believe that those whom I love are good, that they are deserving, and loving.  But it takes time to determine, it takes a keen eye to see if actions match words.  And if actions and works do not match, then it is time to let go.

I have said it before that when you let go of the negative people and situations in your life, you make room for better things.

And I look forward to the future to come. There is too much love out there in the world for me to accept anything less than spectacular.