The Goal Board

I make one every year usually, though the past year got away from me for obvious. reasons. It helps me work toward my dreams and goals. It is my goal board, and it has been over 2 years since I made one.  So it was long overdue.

In life we must have goals, we must have something for which we are working toward.  And having this board helps keep those goals and dreams in the front of my mind, so that I am always working toward them, always thinking of them, and always making sure I am going in the direction that gets me closer.

We must always strive to be better, to keep learning, to keep being curious, to keep making our life the great novel it is supposed to be. But how?  I don;t know what works for others, but one of the  things that keeps me motivated is that goal board.  Looking at what I want every day makes sure that I am always working and moving forward.

Now that I am well on my way, I need to know what I want and where I want to be to get there.  I feel as if I have been struggling to fine my place in the world, and where to plant my life, my roots. There is no feeling worse that the feeling of being completely lost, so lost that not even God can find you. The feeling that you have lost everything is horrible.

I have worked hard to climb back to the land of the living, the place where there is joy, love and happiness.  Now that I am her it is time to take life ti the next level.  Never do I want to take life for granted.

2000-Ada: This is a term a dear friend thought of when we were talking about how these next years are going to be amazing.  I told her my plan and she was excited to be a part of it.  So instead of 2017, 0r 2018, it is 2000-Ada…or maybe it should be written as 20Ada? Either way, these next years and mine for the taking, it is my story to write and my amazing life to life.

Faith: This is the central part of everything.  God and Faith is from where everything else originates. Prayer and careful meditation is the key to a happy, well balanced life, inner Peace, forgiveness and much more.  This is the single most important part of the goal board.  This has been a rough time past, and I want to make sure that my Faith and relationship with God is where it needs to be.

Family:  I knew family was  important before my parents passed, but now I see that they are everything.  My siblings, cousins, aunts and my wonderful friends who are family – they are my heart. Especially the relationship with my siblings.  I am the youngest of five and have not always been close with them.  I want that to change and I want to be the typical little sister and learn everything about them. And in the next two years, I want a family of my own.

Writing: I have to write.  It is who and what I am – a writer.  Sometimes things can get so busy ad hectic that I do not write, not even notes on what to write later.  I am a creative writer, so it is important to honor that part of myself and my personality.  That includes writing in my handwritten journal too.

Meditation: Part of this goes with faith, but it also the Secret and The Power of Attraction.  I have to ask for what I want.  I also have to make sure that I am clear of negative energy and people

Exercise: That last 10 pounds is TOAST!!  I have decided it is time to get where I was back two years ago, when my arms, shoulders, legs and abs were in a lot better shape and toned.  I joined LA Fitness and went to my first Yoga class tonight,  I am hooked.

Travel: The next year will have many trips and even the year after that.  It is time to plan and make some of these dreams come true. And the best is when you have a travel partner.

Finances:  Planning for retirement, making sure that all my ducks are in a row. Making sure that everything falls into place as it should.

Love: Even though my ex cheated on my with prostitutes, is a 50 year old man going through his mid life crisis by dating 25 year-olds, going on every dating and anonymous sex site and screwing anything with legs to prove to the world that he is a stud…I refuse  let how he treated me and what he did make me bitter. True love is out there. The man I want knows that it is a sacred space, that love means supporting each other to be your best selves and being kind and compassionate to each other.

My mission statement:  To have a life where love is so present, that it is tangible. That doesn’t mean jut romantic love, it means love in general – love for my friends, family, career, fellow human beings.

You life is what you make it and no one is going to work harder at it than you.  Do what you need to do to inspire the change that you want to see.  If that is a goal board, or a life coach, or listing out your goals, what ever you need to keep your dreams in your face, and on your mind.

As for me, I want it all – love, career, travel, family