What I Love

There Are things that we discover in life that we love.  That no matter where we are, it there are things we want in our life, things that make us happy.  And I have discovered that taking care of others is what makes me happy.

There are only two men I have ever lived with in my life, and I loved them with all my heart. Another that I loved was living with them and taking care of them.  I loved cooking for them, spending time with them, even in the dull mundane ordinary days of life.  I loved doing laundry for them (did’t love folding it) and loved making sure that they had what would make them happy in the  house – their favorite foods, wine, beer, whatever.

I also loved planning with them, the whole things about doing and handling things together. I loved picking out a new house to rent with my ex, I loved looking at possible homes to buy. And planning trips and dates and all of the every day things too. I loved having a partnership.

And when we determine what we want in life, we have to take an honest look at when we were the happiest, and when we weren’t. When we decide how we want our life to feel, we have to identify what it is that makes us feel the best and most fulfilled.  For me, it is taking care and serving and loving others.

And so, as I move forward in what will make me happy, I recognize this about myself.  I want to live with another, to be a partnership, to take care for them and be a team.  I am the happiness in life when I am giving and taking care of those I love.  I am the happiest when loving.  When I look back on my life, that is when I was filled with the most joy.

So raise your glass to what makes you happy.  And go after it with such passion that it must some to fruition.


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