The Little Life that Could

We all have a period rebuilding after a rough time.  You have come through the other side of whatever it was ans you are ready to be happy, ready to live life to it’s fullest.

I planted a garden on the anniversary of Mom’s death. She loved plants and it is a good way to honor her, to plant a garden with the seeds she gave me to plant.  I went to check the garden today and there were tiny little sprouts. Flowers, new life, rising up from the dirt and the grime, reaching up to the sun, up to God, to bloom and give beauty. But first that seed has to make up it’s mind to grow, even in the dark, even when there is no promise of the sun.

And so you do. You decide that’s that and you proceed. No wonder my mother loved plants and said she felt God’s Grace and miracles as she worked in the garden.

And this is where I find myself, proceeding. I have the little life that could…and it will be a big life, full of love and everything that makes me happy.

I found this in my Facebook memories today. It was very a very timely and relevant message. While I am nor getting married,  the message is as if Mom reached down ans whispered in my ear.


Happiness is a decision. At some point you shed the skin of the past and you let go of the anger and disappointment, and heartbreak. You decide to be happy anyway. And you do.  And that is the message I got.



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