The Anniversary

One year;  12 months; 52 weeks; 365 days; 8,760 hours; 525,600 minutes. That is how long it had been on July 13, 2017, since my heart broke for the first time and my mother died. That was when normal was no longer the normal, that was when my life turned upside down and when I learned some of the toughest lessons in my life.

And then I wrote the Walk with Mom Series.  And finally set the grief free.

And so on the first anniversary of my wonderful Mother’s death, I was truly able to celebrate her life and her legacy to me.  I planted flowers in the garden in her honor. My sister and I remembered her, we laughed as we talked about her mischievous ways.

I thought the day would be horrible. And indeed I did cry for the loss, for how I have missed her,  But more than anything there was Peace.  Finally, after a long, hard, horrible year, I am at Peace with my mother’t passing.  I loved her, she was my best friend, and she always will be.  I will miss her every day.  But she would want me to live. And so I shall.

And so this anniversary represented peace and love.  She made me strong. And I will make her proud with the life that I am building.

I love you Mom, Always.


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