Summer of Love and Prayer

This summer it has begun.  Everything for which I have prayed, I have received. And this is the summer that I resume my life. This is the summer that my life will be about love, and friendship and laughter, and prayer.

When you have gone through a hard time you have a choice: Either let it drag you down and hold you down like a ball and chain, or use that hard time as a stepping stone to rise above. I choose the latter rather than the former.

When you choose to let it hold you down, that is when you turn angry and bitter.  That is when you become a vehicle for hatred and vindictiveness. I have known people like that. So consumed with anger and bitterness to the point that they are toxic to all they come across.

Why do people choose that route?  I don’t know.  To me it takes so much more energy to stay angry and bitter that it does to move on being happy, allowing all that is good to return to you.

I have long said that which gives you peace will make you happy, And I have reached a point in my life where I am at peace. And doors are opening, new possibilities are coming, because I am not wasting time and energy on things that make me unrested, or agitated or that are just unnecessary drama.  When you get rid of those negatives, positives start coming in.

I want to shout it out, I want to dance in the moonlight, I want to celebrate with those who are the nearest ad dearest to me.  I want to hold them close and thank them for being in my life, through all of it.

All I know that finally there is peace in my life, there is love, there are wonderful friendships and good times to be had.  The clouds have scattered and the light is streaming in.  Why hang on to old issues?  There is an entire world out there of adventures and I will be first in line, during this the summer of love and prayer.


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