Adventures at the Compound

It has been the family homestead for many years.  And now it has passed on to the next generation. I had been down there before, but this time was different.  This time there was a joy to be where they were.  There was no sadness, no depression, no tears, only love.

And as I walked around the property, I felt it deep in my hart, that this is now mine.  They wanted it passed to us, they knew I would be the one to take care of everything. It is a right of passage, and it is one of love.

And so I walked around that wonderful, beautiful space and knew they were happy with it in my hands.  I take care of it, keep it up and sell it for the family. I know that they are smiling, I know that the butterflies, frogs, bees and dragonflies are their way of smiling to me. And so from here on out, it is only adventure and good times at the family compound.  Adventures are already starting in earnest, and will continue.

Yes, this time was different, as I am finally coming into my own in this place in the family. And that is an adventure all it’s own.

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