The House in the Tree

There are sometimes that we just need to get away.  That we need to have some fun, clear our minds and reaffirm life.  We need to feel alive and that life is not passing us by. That was this weekend for me.  It was no very needed, deep down to renew my soul and she me that there indeed is life after grief.

It started out with wine and conversation. It was a beautiful evening and there were fireflies to be seen.  A good night’s sleep, a yummy lunch then off to an adventure.

That night I slept in a tree house that I had to cross a wonderful bridge in order to enter. A bridge of loose wooden slats that would sway and bounce as I crossed. I loved it. Once inside I set my things down and I could hear the rain falling on the tin roof. I knew this place was perfect.

There was a covered porch around back so I poured some wine and went out to enjoy.  The rain smelled delicious, and sounded like heaven both on the roof and falling on the leaves of the trees.  The unmistakable sound of a storm in the woods. Lighting flashed and thunder rolled as the drops came down and washed everything clean.

Once the rain stopped it was time for the crickets and lightning bugs, both of which were thoroughly delightful in sound and sight. Sometimes you need to be surrounded by nature and it’s rhythm to be reminded of miracles. The little tree house cabin would sway in the wind and it made for some very peaceful sleep.

Morning came way too soon, but fun was waiting.  It was a zip line, the highest and longest and biggest in the area. My heart was racing and I could not stop smiling.  There was level one through four and I made it to level three, each higher and more thrilling than the last. And thee were more bridges to be crossed.  Some we simply suspended rope bridges, with one rope along the bottom which to step and one on each side to hold onto.  Some had wood slats, some wee slanted and two had tress which had to be negotiated around to continue to the next.  All of them were high above ground and some even above the treetops.

To say I love heights is an understatement, and the thrill of going across made me smile.  It’s not often a lady gets to climb up ladders, trees and ropes. For all the prissy, prancy girly in me, there is a tomboy waiting to run, climb and scream. Waiting for the pour joy of playing like child without a care in the world. To smile in the sun, to feel the rush of possibility. To feel.

It was very hot, must have been about 90 it seemed, and sweat was pouring out of me. But it was worth it when you let go of the platform and zipped over the trees with the wind in your face dying and cooling you off.  It was magnificent. And for a few moments I felt free.  Free of all that has been weighing me down, free from thought, free of the grief, of pain or loss, free of worry and reality.

And when I finally laid my head down to sleep that night, I slept  more sound and more peaceful than I had slept in a long time.  Worn out from the heat, fresh air and physical activity, and safe in my own bed.

Life is an adventure.  Sometimes we need a little get away to remind us that the possibilities are out there. If we are only willing to have faith, close our eyes and let go.

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