A walk with Mom: Day 7

Monday July 4, 2016

Monday, the start of the week.  This was the day we started to meet the doctors for the first time.  There would be five in just a few days.  I don’t even remember all of them.  They started to run tests and consult with each other to find out what exactly was wrong and how to fix it.

But something really strange happened, something very unexpected.  Dad and I would get very dirty looks from the hospital staff.  They were very nice and professional, but I saw how they ere looking at us. And then it dawned on me: They think we did this to Mom. Indeed, there has been a few cases in the news where people had starved the elderly until death or close and lived off of the social security money.

It would take them a day or two to figure it out.  But it was a terrible feeling to be given those looks int he meantime.

Dad arrived that morning and we met the ladies from palliative care this day.  I think they called them in o talk with the family to assess whether we actually starved Mom, or if this was an illness.  They asked a lot of questions. They said they would talk to us more after all the results were back so we could figure out a plan of action for Mom’s recovery.

This was the holiday I had been looking forward to.  My then boyfriend and I had plans and I was so excited. I remember this day because it rained a large part of the day.  I kept seeing all these wonderful pictures of my friends celebrating with their friends and family. And for the first time I was actually envious.  They were out having a wonderful life and I was in the hospital room taking care of my Mom because she wouldn’t eat.

The appetite stimulant they had given Mom was working and she was actually eating  I  was so happy that I went into the bathroom and cried.

I was finishing up a writing assignment I was working on while Dad was there, but it was hard to work at it.  There were doctors coming in and out, asking a lot of questions.  Then there were all the nurses hooking up and h=changing the IVs, taking vitals and making sure when was comfortable.  Dad was by her bed, and then he would go outside when he couldn’t stand the cold anymore.

I called my sister and other family members to let them know how things were going.  I called a lot of friend, especially one who i a surgical tech and understood the terminology and procedures.  I would take notes from the doctors and then run and call her to explain them to me.

I helped Mom eat by prepping her food opening drinks, running and getting her water or ice chip when she wanted them.  Sitting in her bed and just talking, going down the the hospital.

By mid afternoon Mom was feeling better.  They had pumped her full of fluids, vitamins, antibiotics and nutrients.  She was sitting up on bed by herself, laughing, talking and even smiling.  She wanted to hurry up and get better so she could go home.

She didn’t remember the ambulance ride over and kept saying that she flew in a plane.  After a while I stopped correcting her.

Dad left again before dark so he could get home.  I stayed and watched over Mom as she slept.  I snoozed a bit too, but had terrible nightmares.  I dreamt that I woke up to check on Mom and she was a skeleton. And when I went to touch he she fell apart into dust and was screaming.  I woke up screaming as well.

And then I dreamt that my Mom had died and I went home and the place was empty.  My boyfriend, who I was madly in love with had left and I was sobbing.  I woke up crying/

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