Getting in the Groove

There comes a point  in your life, after we have gone through a difficult or tumultuous time that you start to feel like maybe, just maybe, you are getting your groove back. This is where I am.

After a year of grieving, and there is some left still, as the first year of Mom’s death is coming up, but I feel like I am awakening.  I am tired of the struggle of rebuilding and struggling.  I have worked so very hard, emotionally, mentally, physically, to adjust to the new normal after loosing Mom and Dad.  And I have succeeded on many levels.

And now, things are finally getting into the groove of the new normal.  My career is in the groove, my house is…well, it’s getting better.  And even my personal life is getting back in the groove.  All is all, everything, except for that last 10 pounds, is falling into place.

There has been a lot of change, much uncertainty, a million tears, and too many heartbeats to even count.  I have traveled thousands of miles in the universe of my soul to get here.  I have shed the skin of the past and come out a new person, moving forward in the new normal. I know they would proud. There have been mistakes, but we all do the best we can at any given time.  And I have fumbled through but am seeing the light at the end of the other side.

I look forward to life when I wake up. I pray and mediate and read and write.  I have goals and hopes and dreams that were placed on hold.  And I look forward once again to the future and what life has to bring. I have a wonderful family, and my friends are turning into my family as well, watching over me and helping me through life. No one will ever replace my parents, but it is good to know that I have fertile land where roots will grow. Fertile ground that will grow the life I want and bare the fruits of the hard work.

And it is in this sincerest of feelings that I love life forward and move into the groove. I will follow the goodness, I will make this life wonderful in the new normal.

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