Love Life

There are moments in all of our lives where we are acutely aware of how blessed we are in life.  How fortunate we are.  Yesterday was one of those moments for me.  I was sitting on the deck, having a glass of wine, listening to the birds and sounds of the wind in the trees, and I just felt such contentment.  There was a joy, creeping up from my toes all the way up to top of my head.

Mom would love it here, I thought to myself.  She would be out there, sitting and smoking, drinking wine or coffee, depending on the time of day, and happily relaxing.

And right there, on the deck, it dawned on my how filled my life is with love.  It is everywhere, and more is coming.  I am still getting my feet under me, still a little wobbly at the knees, but the foundation is being set.  And that foundation is love.  The life that I want, so full of love, is forming right before my eyes.

There are many TV shows and movies out there with the theme of building your own family.  For eight years, I have been living for my family as I helped my nephew, sister and parents.  They were a part of my every decisions, from where I lived to where I worked.  But now…Mom and Dad are gone, my sister is on her own two feet and as are my nephews.  This is my time.

But what about family?  Well, I still have them, they have not gone anywhere.  But now is the time to build my family of choice – my friends with whom I want to be surrounded.  Those who have been with me for years, they are and will continue to be my family, growing closer with each year.  I will make a life with them.

Most people think that a life well lived and well-loved just happens, but that is not the case.  If you want a good, happy life, you must work hard at it.  That means following the good, making sure you go where you are loved, fulfilled and wanted.  That means getting rid of the negative – whether it’s people, places and things.  That means only allowing what is good and loving and gentle in.  Because negative, hatefulness and anger will only suck the joy right out of you.

I have always said that which brings you peace will lead to happiness. And right now, things are peaceful.  We all have free will to make the choices we want.  But we also must live with the consequences of those choices, good or bad.

I will work hard and be vigilant to let in only that which is good – to make protect the the peace of my life. A happy life is no accident. And that brings new meaning to the words Love Life.  Because if you love something, then you respect it. You cherish it. You want it to flourish. And I do.

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