And I Ran

There is something very therapeutic about running.  Some say it is the endorphins released during physical exercise and activity.  I say it is more than that.  There is the “runners high” that is very good.  But still, there is more.

When I run, I am solely focused on me, on my breathing, on the rhythm, on the way my body feels. Everything gets very quiet, and my mind is clear.  That is when clarity comes to me, when i run.  And I as hear my breathing in the background, I am acutely aware of my body and my thoughts and my self.

My troubles, my pain, my grief, my stress, all melt away. They disappear in the breathing, in the steps and in the heartbeats that carry me forward, one stride at a time.

And as I ran yesterday, I looked up at the sky and saw the sun shining through the clouds.  And I knew, my parents were watching over me.  I could feel them in the air, see them in the beauty of the sunset, and I knew.  And I cried as I can that evening.  I cried for how much I miss them, and for how beautiful they are now, angels looking over me.  And I am more motivated now than ever to be the kind of person that makes them proud.

I want to make sure that every day, I honor them and God in the way that I live.

And I ran, I ran to improve my body, my stamina, my life.

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