The Accidental Good Time

Man plans, God laughs. – Yiddish Proverb

Many times in life things do not go as planned.  Plans When this happens we have two choices: Get mad and upset, or make the best of it and try to have a good time anyway.

Picture it, a beautiful Saturday morning.  Not too late, not too early.  Just right for sleeping in a bit but still being able to get a lot done.  A call from a friend came in.  Meet for early lunch?  Sure.  There is always time for good friends and good food.

So, it was planned, an early lunch, then off to the assisted living place where my father had previously stayed. Boxes were in the car, as his things need to be packed up.  The movers are coming this week and everything must be ready.  A friend was meeting me there for emotional and moral support, since it will be a bit emotional.

And then…and then after lunch my car wouldn’t start.  A dead battery, and neither my friend nor I had jumper cables.  Not great.  Instead of getting upset though, we made the best of it.  We were at a shopping center, so if we had to stay there for a while for a another friend to show up with jumper cables and a jump, then we would do it.

Several pairs of shoes, many laughs and two margaritas later, my car was running. What is the point of getting upset? While it was not the day I had planned, and somethings had to wait a day or two, it all worked out.

In life, we cannot loose our ability to make the best of the situation.  Life has been so hard lately, so heartbreaking.  And when this happens, it is easy to just slip into a dark abyss of anger, fear and pain. But the Human Spirit, our souls were not meant to live in such dark space.  We were meant to rise, to fly, to get through and over the bad. But sometimes, especially in the beginning, you have to search for it.  It may take effort.  But oh it is so worth it.

There is never a bad time to accidentally have a good time.