The Grit

I wrote this back in 2000 after having a particularly bad day.  For me it is about reaching deep down, deep where the soul meets the heart, and the heart feeds the spirit. When you just don’t know if you can keep going, when the heartache seems insurmountable…but you tap into that inner strength, the steel frame and you push yourself. And by God’s Grace, you pick yourself up and make it.  Then you have the Grit.


I am determined.
Sweat on my brow.
Heart in my Throat.
I am at the starting line.

The sound of my heart
Pounds in my head.
Cheers ring in my ears.
They say I can’t.
But I won’t let them win.

I will defy all expectations.
All definitions.
All Doubt.
All Rules.

The naysayers will walk away.
Head Down.
My Will silencing them.

They don’t know the steel frame inside me.
I am determined.
My will pushing me to succeed
Down the hard
Road ahead.

Ada 06/2000